Road Map to Winery Profitability 

Are your continuous improvement projects going over budget or not fully delivering on the project goals? 

Do you know the actual cost of each wine you make and how it does compare with your annual standard cost target?

When was the last time your wine won a major competition?

Lean Vintner Consulting Services

Discover Your Road Map for Winery Profitability

Rising input costs is one of the top ranked challenges our industry is facing. Setting up a new cellar, creating new products, making better quality wines or simply expanding production capacity while facing increased cost on materials, utilities, labour and regulatory compliance, is becoming more and more difficult to achieve. When you invest in Lean Vintner consulting services, you are getting top knowledge and our hands on industry experience to work for you and to help you on your quest to achieving winery operations excellence. 


How we work

Establish goals and objectives 

based on your strategy

Learn your winery value targets and your organization culture. Agree on respective obligations as well as on metrics that drive our common pursuit of operational excellence.

Create a Collaborative Process

Setup communication channels and touch point cadence, followed by signing-off on a clear, concise 

S.M.A.R.T. implementation plan.

Deliver the Expected Results and drive Business Growth.

We work for making a difference to your bottom line as your success is our success. Review the results and the overall value to your winery operations.


Lean Vintner is an Ontario based consulting firm, specializing in providing Vintners with Continuous Improvement and Winemaking consulting services using Lean Production tools and concepts.

Lean Vintner's role is to ultimately point out improvement opportunities the Vintner is yet to identify and implement.


Elevate business resilience through excellence in winery operations.


Lean Vintner focuses on eliminating non-

value-added activities, providing 

enhancements in productivity, quality

 and safety, while being regulatory compliant.

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